A soldering gun that is…  John Saccoman is one of a very small group of people without whom the studio would never have been possible.  He is an electronics and technology guru and has spent countless hours helping troubleshoot, construct, revise, and outfit the Rocket.

A few weeks ago we had an issue where our British Allen-Heath console went on the fritz.  Fortunately, we had a work around so no clients were inconvenienced, but the engineers were a bit frustrated having to jump through a number of hoops to make things work.

Getting parts or finding a competent authorized repair person for our console is almost impossible.  Even if you know what part you need, the console is no longer being manufactured so part availability is sketchy.  Even if a part is available the cost for replacement parts and shipping across the pond is astronomical.  That’s where our buddy John comes in to save the day.

We called Johnny to have a look thinking that we had lost a connection or something in the patchbay but no such luck.  Like a flash he recognized it was an internal problem that needed some major electronic surgery.  We set an appointment and disconnected the console so we could take it apart.   This alone is no small feat.  There are hundreds of connections to remove and replace.  Thank goodness our wiring harnesses are well labeled.

John not only found the circuit board that was causing the problem, he was able to diagnose it right down to a single component on the board.  He ordered the part, and replaced it.  The errant part was a TINY integrated circuit that is about 1/4 the size of a penny.  It boggles my mind not only how he was able to find this electronic needle in our audio haystack, but that he was able to solder it in place perfectly.  I could barely see it, let alone solder it in place.

The result is, thanks to John, everything at the Rocket is now back to ship shape… buttons that didn’t work on the board now function as they should.

Let me state for the record that John is a bonafide genius and we could not get along without him.  Our deepest thanks goes out to him for all he has done for us over the years!    Thanks a million Johnny!


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