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James Berry


James Berry is a music producer, audio engineer, and musician based in San Diego, CA. After owning a studio in Chicago and working with a diverse set of artists, James moved out to the West Coast to further his audio education at San Diego-based Studio West (The Recording Arts Center), where he acquired an Associate’s in Audio Engineering. He has worked with a diverse set of artists, from California reggae band Slightly Stoopid, to hip-hop, to singer-songwriter piano ballads.

James has a strong musical intuition, but his goal ultimately is to meet the artist where they are at. As an experienced drummer, pianist, and vocalist, he has a knack for songwriting and artist development that will fulfill your creative vision.

James tries to ride the line between guiding artists and being intensely collaborative – he is here to help express your art and vision in its fullest and most complete form.

He currently accepts a variety of clients from full bands to hip-hop artists.

Some Samples Of Jame's Work

  1. Made In California Fluid Foundation - featuring Sightly Stoopid 1:01
  2. Walking Disaster Sampson 1:00
  3. California Love Gateway 95 0:59
  4. I Don't Wanna Go Gateway 95 1:00
  5. Monster Attraction Peyton Breaux 1:00
  6. Stupid Young Love Ariah & Kayme 1:01
  7. Hearts & Crafts Sampson 1:00


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