During the down time due to the Covid-19 concerns, Sonic-Rocket proprietor Christopher Cash has been busy in the workshop adding a few pieces of custom furniture to the Rocket.

The first project was a small table.  We observed that the engineers liked to move one of the small glass tables that normally go between the comfortable Le Corbusier chairs and couch over next to the console while they work.  Makes sense, they need somewhere to take notes and to put their drink that will not present a danger to the equipment.   Cash decided to make an end table matching  the console surround with his signature loop paint job and stainless steel hairpin legs.  This little guy will come in handy for the guys, and allow the matching glass tables to remain where they were meant to be.

In addition to this, we were running out of space to keep our impressive microphone collection.  Cash made a third matching cabinet for mics to complement the two originals.  This new one sports the loop motif too.   We have added a number of mics to the collection and have big plans for even more.  Stay tuned.



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