While the world has been locked down in the Pandemic, the Sonic team has been busy gearing up for full video production.  We’ve got a great chief Cinematographer in Elvin Diego, and have purchased quite a bit of new gear including full lighting, motorized backdrop system, Ronan gimbal, new Sony A7SIII camera, and a huge list of other goodies to aid in our quest.  We’ve already produced several promo videos and are putting finishing touches on full length music video for one of our favorite clients.   Bomb!!!

Today, Nate was in the studio trying out his new Steady-Cam vest.  That big Ronan gimbal is a little difficult to manage with it’s follow focus system and 7 inch monitor, but now with this vest,  the camera can be managed much more easily and as smooth as butter.   Very cool.

Video clients are starting to line up with several more fun projects in the pipeline.  Stay tuned.

In the Studio Video

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