Invisible was a fun album to make.  I had assembled a band on the heels of my Hollywood Mirage release and was excited to find a producer and go into the studio and make an album with the help of my band.  I first discovered Jeff Berkley when his band played with mine at Band Camp.  I met with him and he seemed cool and capable.

We got underway at Jeff’s Berkley’s Recording studio after choosing songs from a list of potentials I had prepared.  As it turned out, aside from basic tracks, the band did not contribute as much to the project as I had hoped.  Aside from basic tracks, the album was done with mostly just Jeff and I doing the overdubs.  Jeff did some splendid guitar work, and I enlisted help from a number of San Diego notable musicians for backing  vocals.  Like Hollywood Mirage before it, Barry Hovis supplied some great keyboard.

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Artist : Christopher Cash
Format : CD