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Christopher Cash


Born in Pasadena, California in the late fifties, Christopher Cash grew up along side rock music. As a boy, he watched The Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan and joined the ranks of their countless fans throughout the turbulent Sixties. Inspired by artists like David Bowie, Neal Young, and Lou Reed, he began playing guitar and writing songs in the early Seventies.

After a string of copy bands to develop his performance skills, Cash joined forces with singer/songwriter William Loveless to form an acoustic duo called Akimbo. Freshly out of high school, Akimbo grew amplifiers, added drums and ultimately evolved into The Privates.

The Privates enjoyed considerable success during the Eighties playing along side bands such as The Motels, The Plugz, and The Suburban Lawns at many of the popular Los Angeles venues of the day. The Privates signed a deal with a well known production company but fame and fortune never materialized. Buckling under the strain, The Privates broke up as their demo tape was being shopped and before the promise of a European tour could be fulfilled. As it turns out, this too was serendipitous. Dreams of rock stardom were replaced by more profitable endeavors ultimately providing Cash the resources to pursue his art on his own terms.

During the Nineties, Cash played in various original groups including The Intelligence, Gadflies, and Wobblewire but career and family were his central focus. In 2004, Cash met producer Joe Ongie and asked him to work with him on his debut album titled Hollywood Mirage.

In 2008 Cash released his second album Invisible with the band he had been playing since late in 2006.  San Diego producer Jeff Berkley did a nice job helping him make an album he is very proud of.

Since 2014, Cash has devoted a good deal of his time to his professional recording studio

In 2017 Cash formed another band called The Brilliant Deductions, this time with long time pal John Saccoman on bass and backing vocals, friend and Chief Engineer at the Rocket Shea Thompson on keyboards and backing vocals, Lead Guitarist Chris Mares, and the amazing Dick Winter on drums. This has been a blast and is the foundation foursome of his best work to date.

In addition to music, Cash is an accomplished woodworker, artist, and has worked in the high-tech industry for decades.

A Few Songs By Christopher Cash Recorded at Sonic-Rocket

  1. If She Could See Christopher Cash & The Brilliant Deductions 2:50
  2. Sacred Heart Christopher Cash & The Brilliant Deductions 3:51
  3. One Way Ride Christopher Cash & The Brilliant Deductions 4:07
  4. Flowers Christopher Cash & The Brilliant Deductions 4:36
  5. Beautiful Lies Christopher Cash & The Brilliant Deductions 3:43
  6. Cube Captive Christopher Cash 3:21

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