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Elvin Diego


Elvin is our chief cinematographer and a skilled director.  He is head of our video department and loves to create imagery to promote artists, businesses, and causes.  Elvin has a vivid imagination and is able to translate client’s vision into tangible deliverables.

If you are just getting into video, Elvin is a great person to collaborate with to figure out a way to promote your brand in a cost effective, yet extremely professional way.  If you’ve done a lot of video work, even better.  You’ll find him a breath of fresh air in a market segment that has nearly priced itself out of business.

Whether it’s spending time with friends or family, Elvin always has his camera around to capture timeless moments to look back on, that’ll one day make for a great story to tell. There’s no other place he’d rather call home than here in San Diego, CA. Elvin enjoys Documentary Photography, Photojournalism along with Architectural Photography with my his twist on it. He has three pups, Zeus, Tornado and Rambo. You can say their names reflect their personality but no matter the occasion it’s always a good time… except when it’s time for their baths.

Give him a call to schedule a tour, discuss a project or plan a session.



Let's Meet

While we do have a number of standard video production packages to choose from, we believe the very best way to get the most out of your budget is for us to sit down together and make a plan.  Our creative process begins with balancing what is in your mind with what is possible with budget constraints.  Let’s put our heads together and see what we can dream up.  We’re good at making the most of your resources without sacrificing your artistic vision.

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