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Sonic-Rocket is a full-featured, premium multimedia recording studio nestled in the sleepy little town of Fallbrook, California. We provide audio and video production services and various on-location services to our community.

The Rocket, as we like to call it, grew out of a desire to create an atmosphere that nourishes artists and gives them the freedom to realize their full potential. We structure our rates to accommodate the artists we work with. It’s more important that we do something meaningful here than turn a profit. Money taken in will help grow the studio’s capabilities and fuel the artistic fire. If you have music in your heart and the desire to create something special, Sonic-Rocket is the place for you. Come visit us and you’ll find the kindred spirits you’ve been looking for. You will soon learn that a laptop and a pair of headphones is not a real recording studio.

About Sonic-Rocket


We like to think our Rocket is just a little more supersonic than your average studio.  Since we are artist owned and operated, we have a better, and more personal understanding of what artists need in a multimedia production partner.  Whether you become one of our customers or not, do yourself a favor and stop working with people who don’t care about you or your music.  As artists, none of us need that kind of help!

The way music is made, marketed, and consumed have all changed dramatically over the past few years.  If you are not keeping up, you are being left behind.  Our mission is to partner with you and help you do your best in all aspects of production.   We provide full audio production services: everything from recording bands, song-writers, rappers, audiobook authors or other professionals.  We produce video content as well: everything from affordable social media profile content to full length music or business videos.

Our rocket was handcrafted from the ground up!  Read our story and learn about how she was built by clicking the shiny red button below.

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